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Equip Your Leadership Team

Arrabon’s workshop track equips leadership teams to demonstrate the transforming power of reconciliation. Learn the skills, habits, and practices needed to build a reconciling community.

Course One

Foundation of a Reconciling Community

Gain pastoral skills to address the complicated emotions that often surface in conversations about race, class, and culture. Create a healthy foundation on which to build a framework for reconciliation.
In-Person: 1 day
Live Online
Online: 4 Weeks, 90 min/week

Course Two

Pillars of a Reconciling Community

Develop shared knowledge, language, and vision for how a reconciling community operates. Learn the story of race in America and how it relates to reconciliation in your context.
In-Person: 2 days
Live Online
Online: 6 Weeks, 90min/week
In-Person: 2 days

Course Three

Building an Action Plan for a Reconciling Community

Develop a customized 3-year strategic plan for your organization to become a more reconciling community.
In-Person: 2 days

Each of these workshops are followed by consultation calls— supportive, shepherding conversations for senior leaders to discern how to navigate the difficult terrain of reconciling work.

Our training with Arrabon encouraged us to take a more active role in reconciling our community. I’ve already started to implement the things I learned in conversations with those I lead in my home, my organization and in my community. This was a blessing!”
Leslie Lamb, Counselor with Mercy Multiplied

Our holistic approach provides every type of community with a pathway to reconciliation.

Create lasting cultural change

Discover new ways to innovate and create a culture of reconciliation.

Learn how the Bible relates to today’s challenges

Engage your community in learning and discussing where race, class, and the Bible intersect.

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