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Building an Action Plan for a Reconciling Community

Your team will work with skilled facilitators to integrate the vision and values of a reconciling community into your organization.

Course Description and Details

Building from the Pillars course, this workshop for leadership teams helps them understand the unique challenges, context, and opportunities their organization faces as it seeks to implement the changes needed to build a more reconciling community. Sessions will include teaching, large and small group discussion, team homework between sessions, and several hands-on exercises to develop creative and bespoke solutions to meet each community’s needs.


  • The Biblical Foundation for Reconciliation
  • History of Race in America
  • Strategies for Pursusing Reconciliaton in Context


  • Understand the connections between race, faith, and society
  • Develop shared knowledge, language, and vision for how a reconciling community operates
  • Determine the organizational growth needed to become more of a reconciling community
IN-PERSON: 2 days

Live Online

  ONLINE: 6 weeks,
90 min/week
IN-PERSON: 2 days

Group Rates $1500+

Session 1: The Reconciling Community House

  • Define what a reconciling community is and how it operates.
  • Assess how your community currently embodies the key features of a reconciling community.
  • Discuss the potential effects of not operating as a reconciling community.
  • Compose a list of reasons why the call to become a reconciling community is important for your organization.

Session 2: Reconciliation as Spiritual Formation

  • Analyze what has shaped our perceptions of reconciliation (particularly in relation to race)
  • Define reconciliation from a biblical standpoint
  • Examine where you may tend to lean towards false forms of reconciliation
  • Discern the top strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats around building Reconciliation as Spiritual Formation as your foundation

Session 3: Building Cultural Intelligence

  • Ground our understanding of culture through Scripture and helpful definitions
  • Construct a list of cultural norms within your organization
  • Assess how your cultural norms impact your ability to be a reconciling community

Session 4: Understanding Historical Context

  • Consider our learned and experienced concept of God and self, and how this understanding impacts our theology.
  • Consider how aspects of our identity and formation impact the way we interpret our American racial landscape.
  • Explore key moments in American history around race and culture.
  • Define important terminology around race and our racial history.
  • Discuss why common language is important in the life of a reconciling community.

Session 5: Working Across Difference

  • Identify barriers to positive cross-cultural interactions and collaborative opportunities
  • Discuss the importance of both serving and being served
  • Evaluate the four models of cross-cultural engagement and how they are operating within your context

Session 6: Creating New Culture

  • Discuss the importance of imagination in the life of a reconciling community
  • Ground culture-making in a theology of creativity
  • Design a vision for your impact as a reconciling community
  • Review takeaways from this course and consider some next steps

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