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Our Mission

Arrabon cultivates Christian communities to pursue healing and reconciliation in a racially divided world.

What is Reconciliation?

Reconciliation is a foundational Christian practice that helps grow our faith as we seek to repair broken relationships and injustice. Arrabon helps communities practice biblical reconciliation and Kingdom-building as a way to heal racial divisions – building reconciling communities that reflect the love of God in practice.

The Pathway to Transformation

We believe in a holistic approach to reconciliation that takes the long view.

Our Experience

From churches and denominations to schools and national ministry organizations, we help a wide variety of Christian communities discover how they can put reconciliation into practice. Arrabon serves as a trusted advisor, providing a biblically-grounded and pastoral approach that holds space for a wide range of conversations and experiences.

The teaching and training I received from Arrabon has already changed the way I do ministry. It helped me see how central our racial and ethnic identities are for how we reflect Christ in the world.”

Pastor Vernon Gordon, The Life Church, Richmond, VA

Learning with Arrabon

Reconciliation is an ongoing practice that individuals and communities learn together over time. Our resources invite communities into learning experiences that will encourage them to:

  • Learn side-by-side with others in community;
  • Engage with real-time questions or problems facing the community;
  • Respond in creative and hands-on ways that put learning into practice;
  • Connect relationally and familiarly over shared meals and experiences;
  • Discover more of who God is and how God is at work in and through the work of reconciliation.

Become a Reconciling Community

Learn more about the Arrabon Approach with our free PDF download.

Our Values / Our Principles

Arrabon seeks to engage in reconciliation with hospitality and care. The following values guide our work and allow many voices, experiences, and perspectives to be honored and heard within communities of shared faith.

We are biblically-rooted. In a time of deep division we look to the wisdom of Scripture for guidance and hope.

We maintain a pastoral-prophetic voice. We desire to speak the truth with gentleness, understanding, and love.

We believe in bridge-building. Amidst differences, we actively seek common ground where we can build change together.

We promote informed action. We help communities engage with wisdom and thoughtfulness to become agents of healing and reconciliation within their context.

We catalyze the creation of new culture. We believe communal imagination and collaboration is an essential practice to becoming a foretaste of the Kingdom of God to come.

Help Make Reconciliation Possible

You can help more communities learn how to live as a reconciling community. We invite you to join Arrabon in its work of healing and change.

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