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A People, a Place, and a Just Society

This Bible study explores the entire biblical narrative to learn about God’s heart for justice through daily devotionals and a weekly group discussion.

Course Description and Details

Christians are called to reflect God’s image and likeness, to live in a place that reflects God’s rule and reign, and to enact a just society where all God’s people are cared for holistically. Explore how Scripture reveals this vision from Genesis to Revelation.

This 8- week study includes daily individual devotionals and a weekly group discussion guide. Each daily devotional includes a scripture reading, a 3-5 minute video teaching, a summary of key biblical themes, and a song and questions for reflection.


  • Justice throughout the biblical narrative
  • Imago Dei theology
  • Christian perspectives on justice


  • Understand how God’s heart for justice reaches beyond cultural understanding
  • Learn how to respond faithfully to injustice in the world
Online Anytime
  8 weeks, 6 hrs/week
Group Rates $97+

Online Anytime

  8 weeks, 6 hrs/week

Group Rates $97+

Week 1: God's Vision for a Just Society

Begin in Genesis to better understand God’s vision for a just society.

Scripture: Genesis

Day 1:  God’s Vision
Day 2:  Justice and Injustice
Day 3:  Family and Covenant, Part 1
Day 4:  Family and Covenant, Part 2
Day 5:  Our Role in a Just Society

Week 2: The Stage for a Just Society

After the Hebrew people are freed from Egypt, God establishes new guidelines for life as a community of people who represent God’s rule and reign.

Scripture: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

Day 1: Responses to Injustice
Day 2: Laws and Character of God
Day 3: Blessings
Day 4: Rebellion
Day 5: The Pep Talk

Week 3: A Just Society Considers All

Even in complicated stories, God cares for each party in every scenario and demonstrates the need to extend mercy as justice is enacted.

Scripture: Joshua, Judges, Ruth

Day 1: Mercy for a Family
Day 2: Mercy for Murderers
Day 3: Mercy for Sinners
Day 4: Mercy for the Marginalized
Day 5: Example of Mercy

Week 4: A Just Society Through Leaders

Explore how character and alignment with God’s principles is shown in Israel’s leaders.

Scripture: 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Chronicles, 1 Kings

Day 1: God’s Giving
Day 2: God’s Desire
Day 3: God’s Heart
Day 4: God’s Justice
Day 5: God’s Wisdom

Week 5: In an Unjust Society

A divided Israel reveals different forms of justice and injustice and how God’s prophets speak truth to power.

Scripture: 1 & 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Joel, Isaiah, Micah

Day 1: Leaders in an Unjust Society
Day 2: God in the Midst of an Unjust Society
Day 3: People in an Unjust Society
Day 4: Voices in an Unjust Society, Part 1
Day 5: Voices in an Unjust Society, Part 2

Week 6: People for a Just Society

Learn from the marginalized people who sought justice and restoration during Israel’s exile.

Scripture: Lamentations, Daniel, Haggai, Esther, Nehemiah:

Day 1: People who are Left Behind
Day 2: People who are Sent Away
Day 3: People who are Dealing with Circumstances
Day 4: People who are Called
Day 5: People who Rebuild

Week 7: Jesus as the Embodiment of Justice

From his incarnation to resurrection, Jesus’s ministry and sacrifice reveal him as the embodiment of God’s justice.

Scripture: Matthew, Mark, Luke

Day 1: Jesus’ Birth
Day 2: Jesus’ Ministry
Day 3: Jesus and the Kingdom of God
Day 4; Jesus pays for Justice
Day 5: Justice is Won

Week 8: Justice in the Church

Jesus commissioned his people to be agents of justice and reconciliation in the world—that includes your community.

Scripture: Acts, Colossians, Romans, 2 Thessalonians

Day 1: Justice through the Holy Spirit
Day 2: Justice in the Book of Acts
Day 3: Justice in the Church
Day 4: Justice in Life
Day 5: Shalom Restored”

What to Expect as a Small Group Leader

Understanding the biblical arc of justice really helped deepen my faith and even see more clearly where God is at work today.”

Daniel Czaplicki, Victory Church, Lakeland, CO

A People, a Place, and a Just Society released in Fall 2021. Be one of the first groups to engage with this new biblically-rich resource.

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