A People, a Place, and a Just Society

This bible study explores the entire biblical narrative to learn about God’s heart for justice through daily devotionals and a weekly group discussion.

Christians are called to reflect God’s image and likeness, to live in a place that reflects God’s rule and reign, and to enact a just society where all God’s people are cared for holistically. Explore how Scripture reveals this vision from Genesis to Revelation.

This 8- week study includes daily individual devotionals and a weekly group discussion guide. Each daily devotional includes a scripture reading, a 3-5 minute video teaching, a summary of key biblical themes, and a song and questions for reflection.

Justice throughout the Biblical Narrative

Imago Dei Theology

Christian Perspectives on Justice

Develop an understanding of God’s heart for justice

Deepen your biblical understanding of justice

Go beyond your own cultural understanding of justice

Learn to respond to injustice as people of God

8 Week Course Overview

Week 1: God’s Vision for a Just Society
Week 2: The Stage for a Just Society
Week 3: A Just Society Considers All
Week 4: A Just Society Through Leaders
Week 5: In an Unjust Society
Week 6: People for a Just Society
Week 7: Jesus as the Embodiment of Justice
Week 8: Justice in the Church

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