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A People, a Place, and a Just Society

Justice and reconciliation through a biblical lens

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The biblically grounded resource your community needs

Dig deep into Scripture to understand God’s heart for justice and reconciliation with this small group study. A People, a Place, and a Just Society is the biblically grounded resource your community needs to pursue Christ-likeness in the areas of race, justice, and peace-making.

From Genesis to Revelation, your community will engage these topics on the unifying ground of Scripture—finding wisdom, gaining discernment, and pursuing faithful action.

Engaging Content

  • 2 four-week sessions
  • Daily Scripture and devotionals paired with thought-provoking reflection questions
  • Enriching prayer practices

Listen or Read

  • Hear a diversity of voices read the daily Scripture and devotional.
  • Or, read on your own in the app.
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Weekly Gathering

  • Gather each week with your group to connect over the week’s content
  • Watch insightful videos by Arrabon founder David M. Bailey and author Nicole Unice
  • Customizable group discussion questions and prompts

I absolutely thought the questions did a great job of addressing the content of the passage AND interweaving thought-provoking and practical perspective and action…

-Study Participant

Part 1: Shalom and a Just Society

Beginning with the beauty and goodness set forth at Creation and the brokenness brought forth in the Fall, the first installment of this series looks at God’s continued pursuit of wholeness and shalom for God’s people, even as God’s people continue to look to idols, kings, and their own strength for their salvation.

From Levitical laws and the Exodus, to the lives of Samson, Daniel, Ruth, Esther, and the first of Israel’s kings, Shalom and a Just Society shows us God’s unchanging vision for shalom. Over the course of this 28-day journey, your community will clearly see the truth of how idolatry in one heart leads to injustice for a whole community, while faithful choices in one life leads to flourishing for generations.

  • Week 1 – God’s Vision for a Just Society
  • Week 2 – God’s Plan for Shalom
  • Week 3 – Sorrow and Shalom in the Promised Land
  • Week 4 – Israel Rejects God As King

Part 2: A Savior and a New Society

The second part of this series begins with Solomon and the choices he made that led to the divided kingdom of Israel and exile. Your group will read the longing and laments of the prophets and be renewed with hope at the coming of the promised Savior and his earthly ministry. This study will ground your understanding of justice and reconciliation in God’s invitation to partner in pursuing healing and shalom, with the gift of the Holy Spirit and the eternal perspective that all things will be made new.


  • Week 1 – Idolatry and Injustice
  • Week 2 – Longing for Shalom
  • Week 3 – Jesus Restores Shalom
  • Week 4 – A New People, a New Place, and a New Society

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Deepen your understanding of God’s heart for justice and reconciliation

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