Cultivating the Soul of Reconciliation

We offer a biblical and pastoral framework for reconciliation. We partner with you and your community to faithfully engage a diverse and divided world.

Be Empowered to Lead a Reconciled Community

Transform your organization spiritually, structurally, and culturally with the help of our team trainings.

We engaged Arrabon to help our congregation better understand its neighbors, but over time they’ve helped make our entire ministry healthier and more effective.”

Rev. Josh Hayden, First Baptist Church of Ashland, VA

Our work is shaped by years of practice

Our holistic approach to reconciliation guides leaders, communities, and culture-makers together on a path to transform their organization and heal racial divisions.

How should Christians respond to
Critical Race Theory?

New Course

Group Study

A People, a Place, and a Just Society

Explore how God’s heart for justice is revealed throughout the entire biblical narrative with our new devotional-style group study.

Online Anytime
  8 weeks

Discover a biblical and historical vision for practicing reconciliation

Engage your community in learning and discussing where race, class, and the Bible intersect.

Create lasting cultural change

Discover new ways to innovate and create a culture of reconciliation.

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Is Diversity the Goal?

What are we aiming for in the work of reconciliation?

5 minute read

Help us build more reconciling communities

Toxic polarization is tearing apart communities. We can make a difference with your help.

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