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How should Christians respond to
Critical Race Theory?

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Listen to David M. Bailey discuss Becoming a Reconciling Community

On the podcast “A Godzillion and One,” David talks bridge-building, diversity, and more.


Arrabon selected by Stand Together Foundation for Catalyst Program

2 minuteShare this ArticleArrabon has been selected to participate in Stand Together Foundation’s Catalyst Program, a management training and peer-learning program to help nonprofits grow, scale, and replicate their success. Arrabon was selected among hundreds of...

Dr. Luke Bobo joins Arrabon as Chief Program Officer

Dr. Bobo brings his expertise in adult formation and education, his engineering mind, and his love for the word of God to the Arrabon table. 2 minutesShare this ArticleArrabon is pleased to announce Dr. Luke Bobo as our first Chief Program Officer. Dr. Bobo comes to...

Arrabon Joins Consortium of Christian Study Centers

What are we aiming for in the work of reconciliation? 1 minuteShare this ArticleArrabon is pleased to join the Consortium of Christian Study Centers as a partner organization and is excited for the opportunity to share our resources with college and universities study...

Become a Reconciling Community

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