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Pillars of a Reconciling Community

Your leadership team will gain shared knowledge, language, and vision as you learn the necessary building blocks of a reconciling community.

Course Description and Details

The first in a series of courses exclusively designed for leadership teams, Foundations equips organizational leaders with the basic context and tools needed for building a reconciling community. Anchored in a biblical vision of reconciliation, and including a history of race and its impact on our society, this course ultimately aims to help your team better understand what it means to embark on a transformational journey to become a more reconciling community. Sessions emphasize group participation and include teaching, group discussion, breakout groups, journaling and regular homework between sessions to help participants and teams apply learning in their context.


  • The Biblical Foundation for Reconciliation
  • History of Race in America
  • Strategies for Pursusing Reconciliaton in Context


  • Understand the connections between race, faith, and society
  • Develop shared knowledge, language, and vision for how a reconciling community operates
  • Determine the organizational growth needed to become more of a reconciling community
IN-PERSON: 2 days

Live Online

  ONLINE: 6 weeks,
90 min/week
IN-PERSON: 2 days

Group Rates $97+

Week 1: Five Pillars of a Reconciling Community

Your group will learn the five defining practices of a reconciling community.

  • Get to know one another through an identity-mapping exercise
  • Participate in group and breakout discussion on the five pillars of a reconciling community
  • Fill out a Demographic Profile for your community and/or clientele

Week 2: The Biblical Narrative and Leading with Cultural Intelligence

Your group will discuss how your community’s understanding of the Gospel message impacts your ability to engage in the work of reconciliation and consider the impact of cultural intelligence on organizational culture.

  • Watch and discuss a video on the biblical narrative and God’s heart for justice
  • Learn about homogeneity and the need for increased cultural intelligence
  • Identify and interact with your organization’s cultural values

Week 3: The Shalom Continuum

The Shalom Continuum is a framework for understanding how groups move from homogeneity toward a flourishing community marked by diversity and reconciliation.

  • Learn what steps are needed to move a community from homogeneity to shalom.
  • Participate in group discussion to visualize how this applies to your organization.
  • Identify cultural norms within your organization

Week 4: History of Race in America

Arrabon facilitators will guide your organization through America’s challenging racial history and provide helpful language and context for conversations about racism.

  • Learn four ways that people talk about racism
  • Walk through important historical events that impacted our nation’s relationship with race
  • Discuss the lasting impact of racial injustice and the role of the Church in addressing it

Week 5: Imagination and Reconciling Culture Making

Be inspired to imagine the impact your organization can have as you consider culture-making for your own context.

  • Watch the documentary 11am: Hope for America’s Most Segregated Hour
  • Develop vision for culture-making opportunities in your context

Week 6: Design Thinking Session

Engage in a design thinking exercise that will help your team visualize the impact and growth of your organization as a Reconciling Community.

  • Apply learning from previous weeks to develop a vision for the future
  • Participate in a design thinking exercise with your team
  • Consider next steps as you move forward

Going through Race, Class, and Kingdom of God with our small group empowered us — and subsequently our church — to better understand and get more engaged in seeing racial healing as part of our spiritual formation.”

Jenifer Healy, Restoration Anglican Church, VA

List of organizations who have taken the course:

  • Mercy Multiplied
  • Westmont College
  • The HE Butt Foundation
  • The Colossian Forum
  • and more…

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