Race, Class, and the Kingdom of God Study Series

This study series will give you the tools to understand, discuss, and do something about the divisions you experience.

​​Be empowered to ​​​​participate in racial healing and reconciliation

The Challenge

We are living in divided times and Biblical reconciliation is hard.

The Journey

Gain shared knowledge,
language and best practices
for community flourishing.

The Outcome

Understand how you and your community can be effective in reconciliation.

Reconciliation requires
shared knowledge, language and practices.

Why aren’t my good intentions leading to flourishing in my community?
Why don’t our conversations about race lead to real change?
Why can’t I figure out how to actually do something about the division and tension I experience?

9 Week Course Overview

Week 1: A People, A Place, and A Just Society
Week 2: Becoming a Reconciling Community
Week 3: Shalom Continuum
Week 4: Understanding Homogeneity
Week 5: Unity in Diversity
Week 6: Models of Cross-Cultural Engagement Part I
Week 7: Models of Cross Cultural Engagement Part II
Week 8: Reconciliation
Week 9: Shalom

11AM: Hope for America’s Most Segregated Hour

In the summer of 2017, amid rising racial tensions, a small team of young leaders step into the fray of their local community with a fresh, creative, and bold vision: to raise up and train a new generation of leaders to write a new narrative for their city of Richmond, Virginia. With such a challenging diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences, can this group of young musicians really bring hope for America’s most segregated hour?

This film will spark a different kind of conversation within your community—not just naming the divides that exist, but imagining what reconciling culture-making could look like for your community. How can your organization lean into building sustainable new culture that can transform your community’s story? How can your organization be a catalyst for reconciliation within your community? Your purchase of a public screening license includes discussion questions to aid you in cultivating your community’s conversation.

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