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Sustaining a Reconciling Community

Train and equip others in your organization to embody and sustain the vision and practices of a reconciling community with creativity and care.

Course Description and Details

This in-person 2-day capstone course is designed to equip organizational leaders to train others within their organization with the knowledge, language, and vision needed to maintain and grow a healthy community over the long haul. Sessions focus on equipping leadership teams with resources to train others and one-on-one and small group coaching help.


  • Discipleship and Multiplication
  • Sustaining Reconciliation in Your Context


  • Training in how to train other Arrabon Ambassadors within your community to advance the work of reconciliation
  • Practical tools and resources to further contextualize and sustain reconciliation for generations to come
  2 days


  2 days

Session 1: The Arrabon Voice

You will be trained to engage people using the Arrabon voice, a pastoral voice that focuses on shepherding people.

  • Discuss what it means to have a pastoral/prophetic voice
  • Learn the core communication principles that Arrabon uses in its facilitation and teaching
  • Explore why the Arrabon Voice is so important in building and sustaining reconciling communities

Session 2: Biblical Depth and the Arrabon Voice

You will explore the centrality of the biblical narrative and a theological rootedness in the Arrabon Voice.

  • Discuss the importance of reconciliation as spiritual formation
  • Apply the Arrabon Voice to challenging pastoral situations by using biblical wisdom and theological knowledge

Session 3: The Story of Race and the Arrabon Voice

You will dive into the story of race in America and learn how to speak about it and respond to it pastorally.

  • Identify the importance of understanding historical, societal, and cultural context as we commit to the work of being a reconciling community
  • Practice using the Arrabon Voice in challenging conversations connected to our American historical context

Session 4: Reconciling Culture-Making

You will explore the importance of creativity and innovation in the life of a reconciling community.

  • Identify gaps and needs within your organization or community that need to be addressed
  • Discuss how creativity and innovation can help address those gaps
  • Brainstorm culture-making opportunities within your own context

Session 5: Change Management

You will learn important skills to serve your community in growing and maintaining an identity as a reconciling community.

  • Discuss the work of change management and how it is necessary in the life of a reconciling community
  • Practice change management skills in different scenarios relating to your organization

Session 6: How to Use Arrabon Tools

You will create a reconciling community toolbox that you can use to serve your community.

  • Compile the tools, skills, and resources you’ve gained thus far
  • Consider different scenarios and which tools would be most useful in each

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