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Race and Kingdom Identity

Individuals or small teams from all racial backgrounds are invited to explore the significant ways ethnicity matters to God and uniquely shapes our calling and ministry as part of the Kingdom.

Course Description and Details

Learn God’s good intent in creating ethnicity and see how a biblical understanding of race and ethnicity can help refine and strengthen your unique calling in the work of reconciliation and repair. Sessions include live or online teaching, small and large group discussion, and reflection exercises.


  • Ethnic identity
  • Theology of personhood
  • Discernment


  • Understand how God uses ethnic identity to advance ministries of reconciliation and repair
  • Develop a pastoral framework for engaging with others with different perspectives and experiences
  • See how our racialized society impacts your ethnic identity; map growth into a stronger Kingdom identity
Online Anytime In-Person
  ONLINE: 6 weeks, 90 min/week
IN -PERSON: 2 days
Cost – Varies by format

Online Anytime

  ONLINE: 6 weeks
IN-PERSON: 2 days

Cost- Varies by format

Session 1: Prepare for the Journey

Set the groundwork for your personal journey around race and Kingdom identity.

  • Take a personal inventory of your current emotions and questions around race, class, and culture.
  • Discuss the process of moving these challenging conversations from the head to the heart.
  • Identify where you intend to apply the learnings from this course.

Session 2: Personhood in a Racialized Society

Study how personhood is defined through Scripture and how it has been corrupted in our racialized society.

  • Discuss the spiritual work involved in understanding and integrating racial/ethnic identity.
  • Define what it means to be a person from a theological perspective.
  • Walk through America’s history to determine how we became a racialized society.
  • Identify how stereotypes from our racialized society are impacting your embodied experience.

Session 3: Ethnic Identity and Kingdom Calling, Part 1

Learn how your ethnic identity intersects with your Kingdom calling.

  • Discern your different audiences of influence
  • Identify how they differ based on context.
  • Consider how your ethnic identity can be used by God in your specific calling.

Session 4: Ethnic Identity and Kingdom Calling, Part 2

Consider key areas of personal growth and development so that you can be optimally used by God.

  • Using the biblical account of Esther, consider the importance of character, knowledge, and faith in pursuing your call
  • Identify people, structures, and boundaries that will be valuable to you in living out your calling

Session 5: Understand Your Role in Institution Building

Integrate your learnings and map out how God is uniquely equipping you to be involved in institution building.

  • Look at four factors of institution building to help you discern your role
  • Identify elements needed for your journey and create a road map

Session 6: Winning the Battles before The Battle

Identify the obstacles that need to be overcome before you can take on the big calling God has placed on you.

  • Discuss what battles you have had to overcome to get to today
  • Name what battles you are currently fighting or need to fight
  • Discern how God is prompting you to move towards your unique Kingdom calling

This course opened my eyes to how consistently God uses the stories of ethnic tradition and race to convey the heart of the gospel throughout scripture. It was a powerful experience that completely reframed how I think about race and culture.”

Laura McDaniel, Director of Training, Uptick Ministries

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