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Philosophy of Worship and Reconciliation

Empower your worship and preaching team with a deeper understanding of the vital role worship and art play in building, transforming, and maintaining reconciling communities.

Course Description and Details

Learn how to embody the theology and mission of a reconciling community through thoughtful worship and preaching.  This highly interactive course for worship leaders and teams explores the power of worship to transform communities.  Sessions include large and small group discussions, journaling exercises, worksheets, and take-home assignments to help you apply new skills between sessions.


  • Leading Worship for reconciliation
  • Worship and Transformation
  • Reconciliation and the Arts


  • Understand the role of worship leaders as theologian, anthropologist, and artist
  • Learn how to connect worship to spiritual formation
  • Imagine and create new ways of expressing the Christian call to practice reconciliation
Online Anytime In-Person
ONLINE: 6 weeks,
90 min/week
IN-PERSON: 2 days
Cost- Varies by format
Online Anytime

  ONLINE: 6 weeks, 90 min/week
IN-PERSON: 2 days

Cost- Varies by format

Week 1: Worship Leader as Theologian

Consider the influence that worship leaders have on people’s theology and the responsibility that carries.

  • Define worship and its function
  • Identify the task and function of theology
  • Explore the role of a worship leader in forming people’s theology
  • Discuss practical ways to invest in your role as a theologian

Week 2: Worship Leader as Cultural Anthropologist

Worship leaders must study their own cultural context and work to create culture in alignment with the Kingom of God in
their communities.

  • Define the work of an anthropologist and how it intersects with gospel mission
  • Explore worship as an expression of human culture
  • Discuss the four functions of worship as culture
  • Consider how to faithfully contextualize worship for your context

Week 3: Worship Leader as Excellent Artist

Worship leaders are invited to be an extension of God’s artistic work as they faithfully steward their talents toward the
Kingdom of God.

  • Consider a theology of creativity and a vision of God as artist
  • Discuss the qualities and formation of excellent artists
  • Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses as leaders and creators
  • Identify opportunities to cultivate the gifts and talents of those under your leadership

Week 4: Worship Formation as Transformation

Worship forms and transforms us and our vision of shalom.

  • Define features of the Kingdom of God
  • Learn the biblical concept of shalom and consider what flourishing looks like in your community
  • Identify how worship forms us in our relationship with God, others, and the world around us
  • Discuss the challenges of diversity and reconciliation in a broken world

Week 5: Worship Formation as "Whole Gospel"

Worship leaders communicate what the gospel is through their worship and liturgy.

  • Define and discuss the gospel message and how it should be lived out
  • Explore the four parts of the gospel and how they show up in your worship and liturgies
  • Name how worship, liturgy, and song form us in the story of salvation

Week 6: Worship Formation as Loving the "Whole Neighborhood"

Worship leaders can shape the way we see our neighbors and join collaboratively in the work of community flourishing.

  • Define who your neighbor is, both within and outside your Christian community
  • Identify different learning styles and intelligences types
  • Brainstorm ways worship can serve those on the margins of your community
  • Consider the diversity of gifts within your community and how they contribute to flourishing

The training and education I received from Arrabon has forever changed the way I think about the power of worship to build and strengthen the ties that bind a community together.”

Kimberly Williams, Worship Pastor, The District Church, Washington DC

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