Build a Culture of Reconciliation and Racial Healing


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A People, a Place, and a Just Society

The biblically grounded resource your community needs to pursue Christ-likeness in the areas of race, justice, and peace-making. This app-based study series engages these divisive topics on the unifying ground of Scripture. From Genesis to Revelation, your community will dig deep into God’s heart for justice and reconciliation—finding wisdom, gaining discernment, and pursuing faithful action.  Launches October 10, 2023.

About Arrabon

Many Christian leaders desire to lead organizations that heal racial brokenness and reflect God’s heart for reconciliation. But in our polarized environment, we often struggle to make peace in the midst of conflict. People seem torn apart more than ever, and leaders can feel like they don’t know the best way forward without causing harm.

But we know that Jesus–who is in the business of reconciling people to each other and to God–has called us to be agents of reconciliation (Ephesians 2, 2 Corinthians 5). Arrabon provides workshops, coaching, and resources that equip Christian leadership teams to create cultures of reconciliation and racial healing.

Teams that work with Arrabon create a clear plan of action and are equipped to build healthier, more faithful organizations that navigate challenges well.

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