Training for Leaders, Staff Teams, and Key Volunteers

Transformational Journey


People form institutions. Institutions form people.

The Arrabon Transformational Journey is a set of four training modules to help organizational leaders, staff, and key volunteers learn how to form their institutions for reconciliation.

For many, pursuing reconciling change for an organization feels overwhelming.

Moving a group of people with differing experiences, strong opinions, and deep, complicated emotions along a path toward reconciliation is essential, but demanding.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Arrabon’s Transformational Journey is a formational discipleship process that meets you where you are and walks with you and your team along the path towards becoming a reconciling community. You can rely on our biblically rooted and pastoral approach, as well as our cross-cultural wisdom and experience, to shepherd your team in pursuing holistic and intentional transformation for your organization.

Each six-week, interactive, online module focuses on an important area for transformation.


Bring your team into a shared understanding of the complexities of reconciliation work, and the unique way the Gospel equips us to engage what’s broken in our communities.

Methods of Engagement:

Equip your team with understanding and compassion for engaging the fear, anger, grief, and shame that often arises in this work, as well as insight into cross-cultural power dynamics that will empower healthy collaboration for all involved.

Assessment and Strategy:

Listen to your community’s attitudes and understanding in regard to conflict, reconciliation, hospitality, and cross-cultural engagement using Arrabon’s survey tool and Cultural Climate Report. Apply this contextual understanding to developing a strategic plan for reconciliation, including a human resources alignment plan to equip your organization to recruit, retain, and cultivate diverse staff at every level.


Develop key members of your organization to be the continued cultivators of reconciliation within your community through deeper theological understanding and bridge-building communication strategies.
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