Begin Your Transformational Journey

Train your organization’s leadership, staff, and volunteers teams to build a reconciling community with our 4-module training program.

What You’ll Do

Module 1:


Learn how the Gospel equips us to engage what’s broken in our communities.

Module 2:


Use our survey tool and Cultural Climate Report to understand what your organization needs to build a culture of reconciliation.

Module 3:


Empower your team to navigate complicated emotions and release the potential of cross-cultural collaboration.

Module 4:


Develop habits and practices for continual cultivation for bridge-building work.

Our Transformational Journey Is Ideal If…


  •  In the midst of your best efforts in reconciliation, you still are experiencing criticism and shame
  • You are serving cross-culturally and dealing with high instances of burnout
  • Your organization has a high turnover rate with minorities

Journey Together to Build a More Reconciling Community

Take your team through Arrabon’s 4-part Transformational Journey.

In the same way that God gave the Israelites a vision for the Promised Land before they left Egypt, we will spend some time clarifying what shalom would actually look like for you and your community.

In order for the Israelites to reach the Promised Land, they had to make it out of Egypt. Similarly, we will spend some time identifying the barriers to leaving the status quo and the challenges to overcome to fulfill the shared vision for your community.

After the Israelites left Egypt, God took them on a journey to build the capacity they needed in order to live successfully in the Promised Land. Everything that worked in Egypt wouldn’t work in the Promised Land. We will work on building systems and organizational culture to position your community to enter the Promised Land of being a reconciling community together.

​Who needs to be in attendance?

Decision-Makers in the following areas:

  • ​Governing Board/Elders
  • Lead Pastor and Executive Team
  • Church Staff
  • ​Nonprofit


  • Executive Leadership
  • ​Key Decision-Makers for the Programming

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