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Race, Class, and the Kingdom of God

This small group study explores God’s heart for reconciliation and your community’s thoughts around race, class, and culture.

Course Description and Details

Begin or advance conversations about reconciliation within your community with this introductory study series. Your group will receive access to video instruction via our online learning platform, as well as a workbook and small group leader’s guide. The weekly meeting format includes a short video teaching, group discussion questions, a song for reflection, prayer prompts, and follow-up questions for reflection.


  • Biblical reconciliation
  • Unity in diversity
  • Practices of a reconciling community


  • Understand what the Bible has to say about race, class, culture, and reconciliation
  • Share a common language to discuss these complex issues with wisdom and care
Online Anytime
  9 weeks, 2 hrs/week

Online Anytime

  9 weeks, 2 hrs/week

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Week 1: A People, A Place and A Just Society

Explore God’s heart and design for God’s Kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven, from Genesis to Revelation.

Instructor:  David M. Bailey

Main Themes:

  • Culture and ethnicity
  • Empire vs. the Kingdom of God
  • Seeing the narrative of scripture
  • Reconciliation and justice

Week 2: Becoming a Reconciling Community

Learn five formational practices that are essential for becoming a Reconciling Community.

Instructor:  Elena Aronson

Main Themes:

  • Intentionality and vulnerability
  • Confession and lament
  • Repentance and remembrance

Week 3: Shalom Continuum

Learn the spiritual and community formational journey of pursuing shalom.

Instructor: David M. Bailey

Main Themes:

  • Homogeneity
  • Diversity
  • Reconciliation
  • Shalom

Week 4: Understanding Homogeneity

Explore the effects of the psychological tendency towards familiarity and America’s history of racial separation.

Instructor: Elena Aronson

Main Themes:

  • Social psychology of homogeneity
  • Redlining and institutional racism
  • Historical impact of homogeneity in your own community

Week 5: Unity in Diversity

Learn how to be a unified community while still honoring diverse expressions of faith and identity.

Instructor: Elena Aronson

Main Themes:

  • Sacrificial love
  • Proper authority
  • Mutual dependency
  • Faith

Week 6: Models of Cross-Cultural Engagement, Part 1

Proximity affects our ability to engage cross-culturally. This session explores different styles of cross-cultural engagement and their effects.

Instructor: Elena Aronson

Main Themes:

  • Cross-cultural engagement
  • Power of proximity

Week 7: Models of Cross-Cultural Engagement Part 2

Continue the discussion about cross-cultural engagement by exploring two new models and their effect over time.

Instructor: Elena Aronson

Main Themes:

  • Cross-cultural engagement
  • Collaboration

Week 8: Reconciliation

Explore a few popular ideas of reconciliation, and the elements God requires for biblical reconciliation.

Instructor:  David M. Bailey

Main Themes:

  • False/incomplete forms of reconciliation
  • Biblical process of reconciliation
  • Reconciliation as spiritual formation

Week 9: Shalom

Discover what it takes for the Body of Christ to flourish and imagine together the potential impact of a flourishing Church on the world.

Instructor:  David M. Bailey

Main Themes:

  • God-given value vs. contextual value
  • Efficiency vs. effectiveness
  • Seeking the unity of the Spirit
  • Spiritual gifts of ministry

What to Expect as a Small Group Leader

Going through Race, Class, and Kingdom of God with our small group empowered us — and subsequently our church — to better understand and get more engaged in seeing racial healing as part of our spiritual formation.”

Jenifer Healy, Restoration Anglican Church, VA

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