Our Approach

01. Reconciliation

At Arrabon we don’t just teach about reconciliation, we seek to model it.

02. Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation is the foundation of our approach, cultural wisdom supports it, and creative engagement sustains it.

03. Reconciling Community

Together these dynamic elements help us continually develop our understanding and practice of what it means to be a reconciling community that reflects the kingdom of God on earth.

Reconciliation is Spiritual Formation

Sustaining the hard, hopeful, and humbling work of true reconciliation requires a healthy soul. That is why all of Arrabon’s resources are biblically-rooted and seek to engage the whole person—mind, heart, soul, and imagination. Specifically, the scriptures inform all of our teaching as we:

  • connect ethnic identity and kingdom identity,
  • clarify God’s vision of justice and peace, and
  • confirm our call to be reconcilers and healers in a broken and divided world.

Reconciliation is spiritual formation. The relationship is inextricable – when we engage in reconciliation we are formed to be more like Jesus Christ, and when we are formed to be more like Christ, we are more able to engage in reconciliation. This formation in Christ is the foundation of our work.

Reconciliation Requires Cultural Wisdom

Sustaining the hard, hopeful, and humbling work of true reconciliation requires cultural awareness. That is why we equip leaders and communities with tools and resources that cultivate the four pillars of reconciliation:

  • Grow cultural intelligence,
  • Recognize diverse and shared narratives,
  • Foster cross-cultural collaboration, and
  • Encourage reconciliation culture-making.

These pillars provide the structural support for leaders and communities to weather the storms that difference and tension can bring. It is the framework that supports true and healthy reconciliation.

Reconciliation Invites Creativity

Sustaining the hard, hopeful, and humbling work of true reconciliation invites our creativity. That is why all of our programs engage the mind, heart, soul and imagination by emphasizing:

  • Collaborating to create new habits and rhythms of shared corporate culture
  • Creating new cultural artifacts together
  • Cultivating an openness to new ways of being, working, and serving together.
In this 2017 TEDx Talk, David Bailey explains the important ways creative work unites us around a common goal.

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