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Creating an Action Plan for a Reconciling Community

Your team will work with skilled facilitators to integrate the vision and values of a reconciling community into your organization.

Course Description and Details

Building from the Foundations course, this second workshop for leadership teams helps them understand the unique challenges, context, and opportunities their organization faces as it seeks to implement the changes needed to build a more reconciling community. Sessions will include teaching, large and small group discussion, team homework between sessions, and several hands-on exercises to develop creative and bespoke solutions to meet each community’s needs.


  • Practices of a reconciling community
  • Healthy Organizational Culture
  • Cross-cultural collaboration


  • Receive a customized 3-year strategic plan for your organization to become a more reconciling community
  • Understand common challenges that impede growth and change
  • Apply practical tools and best practices for maintaining a healthy and hospitable organizational culture
IN-PERSON: 2 days

Live Online

  ONLINE: 6 weeks,
90 min/week
IN-PERSON: 2 days

Group Rates $1500+

Session 1: Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluate your organization’s strengths and determine where growth is needed to become more of a reconciling community.

  • Determine your organization’s stage of maturity by looking through different identifiers of a reconciling community
  • Discuss areas of disagreement and conflict
  • Identify key areas for growth

Session 2: Building the Culture of a Reconciling Community

Identify current cultural norms and the new culture you need to build to become more of a reconciling community.

  • Discuss who has influence to create new culture within your organization
  • Determine where you need to change culture and where you need to build new culture
  • Consider the new language and cultural artifacts needed to shift towards a reconciling community culture

Week 3: Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Take inventory of your organization’s external cross-cultural relationships and identify opportunities for greater collaboration.

  • Name your organization’s external relationships and where they operate cross-culturally
  • Learn the four models of cross-cultural engagement and match them with your organization’s cross-cultural relationships
  • Identify relationships that you want to mature and gaps where you need to form new relationships

Week 4: Integration

Integrate the vision and values of a reconciling community into your mission, vision, and values.

  • – Evaluate your current mission, vision, and values and how it aligns with your intention to become more of a reconciling community
  • – Integrate this intention into your mission, vision, and values as a core identifier of your organization

Week 5: Accountability

You will discuss who will keep you accountable in your journey towards becoming a reconciling community.

  • Look at the different sources of influence (constituencies) within and outside your organization and discuss their role in keeping you accountable to your vision, mission, and values
  • Identify which sources of influence will give you the best direction and accountability as you work towards becoming more of a reconciling community

Week 6: Reconciling Community Organizational Priorities

You will map out new organizational priorities that will help you move toward your goal of being a reconciling community.

  • – Create 6-month, 1-year, and 3-year organizational priorities that will make you a better functioning reconciling community

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